SQL DBA Level 2

Sr. No. Topics Measurement criteria
1 Windows Fundamental I This course provide information regarding available windows server versions, physical & virtual ram, How to check 32bit or 64 bit, check free disk space on server, list of all disk drives, no. of CPU.
2 Windows Fundamental II This course introduces what is cluster, hot to check cluster resources, disk drive vs mount points,  network shares ,Perfmon, check IP details, perform ping, tracert & telnet.
3 SQL Server Fundamental I This course introduces of RDMS concepts, Popular RDBMS products is Market, About SQL Server, Available versions of SQL Server, OLAP v/s OLTP
4 SQL Server Fundamental II This course makes understanding about different SQL Server tools, SSIS,SSAS,SSRS,SSMS, SQL Server agent, SQL Services, Configuration Manager, SQLCMD.
5 SQL Server Fundamental III This course contain details like how to connect, authentication types, how to use SSMS, understanding & working different options of SSMS.
6 Database Fundamental I This course makes understanding about what is database, types of files in database, what is index, types of index, what is statistics, types of statistics.

Database Fundamental II.

This course introduces about database access types, index creation, statistics creation.
8 SQL Agent Fundamental This course provides information about SQL Agent, SQL Agent working, Process of creation, modification of jobs, What is jobs, Edit & create schedule, Start & stop job manually.
9 Security Fundamental I This course helps in understanding about available protocols, Port SQL server using, Authentication modes.
10 Security Fundamental II This course contain details what is user, what is login, add new login (sql, NT user & group), what is NT group, add new user, DB roles.
11 Administrating database objects Should be able to run script which has ddl , dml commands. Check the result and communicate to application team on success/failure. Insert/delete recrods from table. Create tables and indexes on sms/dms tablespaces or on automatic storage defined tablespace.
12 Backup and Recovery Fundamentals This course introduces the following concepts: Backup and Recovery Hardware, General Concepts, Business Continuity, Backup and Recovery Software, Recovery Models.
13 Monitoring Fundamental I This course introduces details of Activity Monitor, Job Monitor, Server, database reports, basic system procedures like sp_helpdb, sp_who2 etc.
14 Monitoring Fundamental II This course contain details like SQL Server error log files, SQL Agent error log files, Windows logs, Cluster logs, system views to check different details, Check blocking.
15 Performance Fundamental This course help is understanding about profiler, DTA, index fragmentation, index rebuild & reorganization, statistics updation.
16 HA\DR Fundamental This course helps in understanding what is HA/DA, types of features for HA & DR. Introduction of Log shipping, Mirroring, Replication.
17 Log Shipping Fundamentals This course helps in understanding the configuration & working of log shipping, Type of modes.
18 Replication Fundamentals This course helps in understanding the configuration & working of Replication, Types of agents, Types of replication.
19 Mirroring Fundamental This course helps in understanding the configuration & working of Mirroring, Types of configuration, Types of modes.
20 Basic idea on DB2 DPF and database backup Should be able to trigger backup for DPF environment. Differentiate between logical and physical DPF environment. DPF architecture concept.
21 SQL Cluster This course introduce you with SQL cluster, pre-requisites for SQL cluster, How SQL Cluster works.
22 Tivoli backup manger This course give overview of tivoli backup manager, how to check backups etc.


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